Dr. Ayşegül Çoruhlu

Dr. Ayşegül Çoruhlu

Advisory Board Member

I was born in July 1969. After completing my secondary education in Izmir, I came to Istanbul to study medicine. I graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 1994. Then, while continuing his specialization in biochemistry at Şişli Etfal Hospital, he also attended Boğaziçi University Biomedical Engineering Master Program for 2 years.

During my career at the American Hospital in 2000, I focused on anti-aging and longevity studies thanks to my branch of "biochemistry". In the following years, I worked as a laboratory chief at Intermed Polyclinic. During this period, I pioneered the preparation of various check-up programs in line with the concept of preventive medicine. In addition, I am one of the leading Turkish physicians who apply personalized hormone and genetic tests, especially food sensitivity tests and antioxidant tests, within the framework of the anti-aging approach.

“Cellbeing is the state of being cellular well”. In particular, I would like to point out that without the cellular part, which can be understood thanks to the branch of biochemistry, it is very difficult to understand the difference between disease and well-being. Because the most important common point in a wide range from heart diseases to liver diseases, from skin and intestinal diseases to mental health is cellular functioning.

No disease arises out of nowhere. We can talk about a "cellular" deterioration that occurs months or even years before the functioning of the relevant organ is disrupted. In order to prevent future diseases, cell health; It needs to be protected with a lifestyle, healthy diet and various supports. Cellular well-being is only possible in this way. The cellular well-being I'm talking about is what I call "CELLBEING". I think that “cellbeing” should come before concepts such as wellbeing/wellness, which express general well-being.

A person's "cellbeing" process, on the other hand, requires extensive knowledge of medical algorithms and special application experience. At this point, I am a medical doctor, Dr. As Ayşegül Çoruhlu, I aim to support you with my knowledge, which I have renewed for 20 years, especially with the associations, trainings and congresses I have been involved in abroad.

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