Metformin and metabolic flexibility

Metformin, the most common drug prescribed for type II diabetes, works wonders on slowing ageing

William D. Johnson · August 19, 2021 · Back to the Blog & Research

My last blog went into detail about how Metformin extends your lifespan and reduces the risk of most age-related diseases. I talked a great deal about the biological pathways of ageing and how Metformin can benefit each. Perhaps in too much detail. Many of you may remain unconvinced. So, I enlisted the help of Dr Aysegul Coruhlu, iconic author and anti-ageing superhero, to provide a different description of the power of Metformin and its value to our vital biological function, Metabolism, and metabolic flexibility.

Metabolic flexibility refers to your body’s ability to respond to changes in metabolic demand which means your cells should be equally adept at burning fat and glucose. Mounting evidence from clinical studies suggests that metabolic flexibility is essential to maintaining cellular energy equilibrium, decreasing with age. Metformin basically regulates the use of glucose in the energy production of your cells. The more glucose we burn, the harder it is to burn fat. Another reason why diet and intermittent fasting are important as both affect your metabolic flexibility.

Metformin reduces glucose entry in the energy-producing mitochondria of your cells. It gives your cells a hunger signal that causes them to switch to fat-burning mode. Another benefit of Metformin is to reduce sugary proteins in the body. This pathology called glycosylation increases age-accelerating residues known as AGEs. AGE production is very high in Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and rapid ageing. In particular, they cause skin ageing, sagging, wrinkling and loss of elasticity. Metformin reduces all of this while making your cells younger in their energy production.

Inexpensive with a very high safety profile, 60 years of clinical evidence proves Metformin is an effortless start in your search to close the gap between healthspan and lifespan. A concept that remains primarily unaddressed in the protocols provided by traditional reactive medical treatments. Treat the cause, not the symptoms. Mind the Gap. If you want to age slower and reduce your risk for age-related disease, talk to your doctor about Metformin. It is a cheap, safe and effective means to reduce the healthspan/lifespan gap.


William Johnson

William D. Johnson

William Johnson is the CEO & Founder of RenewyouAsia and the Demarest Clinic. a state-of-the-art regenerative clinic located in Phuket.

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