Full Body Detox

Detoxify your liver and prevent kidney diseases

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Full Body Detox

A powerful combination of vitamins and Alpha Lipoic Acid will detoxify the body by carrying heavy metals and toxic chemicals out of the cells. This helps to enhance vitamin C, glutathione, and vitamin E production and increase levels of coenzyme Q10 in cells.

Benefits of Full Body Detox
Fight Fatigue

When toxin levels in your body are increased, they will result in you feeling tired physically and having brain fog. Your energy and mental sharpness may not be at the level you need for optimum performance. Detoxifying toxins, will minimize the workload of your body and helps to regain your energy and concentration. ALA can help to improve the body’s natural detoxification process, by directly reinstating and prolonging, both glutathione and Vitamin C effectiveness.

Relief diabetes and symptoms

There are studies that ALA shows positive benefits for Type 2 diabetes, which will enhance the body’s ability to use its own insulin to lower the blood sugar. This will reduce symptoms of pain, burning, and numbing from the nerve damage caused by diabetes.

Detoxify liver

ALA and glutathione protect the liver from damage, caused by oxidative stress, by eliminating free radicals and regenerating the body’s own antioxidants. It also helps to prevent the accumulation of liver fat and is used for hepatitis, and also, for liver cell damage that was caused by alcohol.

Support kidney function and prevent kidney disease

ALA can prevent damage to kidney cells, which can be caused by disease, inflammation, and overloaded toxins in the body. It helps to remove fatty deposits built up in arteries, suppress inflammatory proteins and at the same time act and stimulate anti-oxidants to get rid of harmful free radicals.


Our mission statement

Demarest Clinic was founded to combine the best practices in regenerative medicine through a community of researchers to ensure the efficacy of its treatments.

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Full Body Detox

The price is net and includes one (1) Full Body Detox treatment by intravenous. It excludes the medical consultation.

Imagine your life if ageing was optional.

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