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Hangover Relief

Many of us have had to endure the effects of having too many alcoholic beverages and while the debate continues regarding which type of alcohol delivers the most excruciating discomfort, the result is the same: a hangover.

While technically the cause of a hangover is excessive alcohol consumption, dehydration and nutrient depletion are what you will be able to pinpoint and identify as you will likely have a dry mouth and be both hungry and nauseous simultaneously.

Some of the symptoms of a hangover include:

  • Dehydration;
  • Nausea;
  • Headache;
  • Muscle aches;
  • Upset stomach.

There are three main approaches to recover from a hangover and it begins with the most important step of rehydrating the body in order to begin the process of replenishing the body's vital fluids. Supplementing that approach with detoxing, to remove the buildup of toxins accumulated by consuming vast quantities of alcohol, and working to restore vital lost nutrients, will move the body closer to total relief.

How can Demarest Clinic help relieve your hangover?

Everyone has their own secret hangover cure, everything from coffee and greasy breakfast to 400,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) has been declared a tried-and-true answer to end this debilitating condition. But the truth is that while there is no sure cure for a hangover, there certainly is real relief. And that is where we come in. Our specially formulated Hangover Relief IV Infusions are specifically designed by our medical team to target even the worst hangover symptoms to get you back to feeling close to normal as quickly, safely and effectively as possible. Our Hangover Relief IV Infusions are delivered directly into your bloodstream for speedy, complete absorption and relief.

Our Hangover Relief IV Infusions are delivered quickly, safely and effectively to combat hangover symptoms. The entire treatment process should not take longer than 60-90 minutes and will rehydrate your body, help flush out toxins, restore nutrients, and cleanse your system.

If you are interested in Hangover Relief in Thailand, we can help. To schedule an appointment at our Demarest Clinic or speak to a specialist about the benefits of our specially formulated Hangover Relief IV infusions, please contact us.


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Hangover Relief

The price is net and includes one (1) Hangover Relief treatment by intravenous. It excludes the medical consultation.

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