Testosterone Therapy

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Testosterone Therapy

Nebido is the first long-acting testosterone injection for treating Male Hypogonadism and one ampoule contains 1,000 mg Testosterone Undecanoate. Testosterone levels remain within the physiological range for about 12 weeks after administration thereby only needing to be administered about four times per year for those who are or expect to be receiving long-term Testosterone Therapy.

Advantages of using Nebido
  • Rapidly achieved and maintained serum testosterone levels in the normal range;
  • Avoidance of unphysiological highs and lows in serum testosterone levels;
  • Only about 4 injections per year are required;
  • Proven clinical efficacy, good safety and tolerability profile, and convenience of use lead to high acceptance and patient compliance.
What benefits to expect while using Nebido?
  • Libido and sexual function improved;
  • Mood positively influenced;
  • Muscle strength increased;
  • Body composition altered (decrease in fat mass, increase in lean body mass).

Male Hypogonadism is characterized by a deficiency of testosterone production which results in abnormally low levels of available testosterone within the body. It can be caused by a number of disorders not limited to: Idiopathic Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism, Hypopituitarism, Klinefelter's Syndrome and late onset Hypogonadism. In addition, many systemic diseases correlate with low testosterone levels such as, Diabetes Mellitus, generalized infections and Metabolic Syndrome. And yet another cause of Male Hypogonadism is the naturally occurring, age-related decrease of testosterone, which may lead to a state of androgen deficiency.

The numerous symptoms of Hypogonadism include:

  • Loss of sexual desire or libido, reduced sexual activity, and diminished erections and frequency;
  • Fatigue, depression, irritability, and decreased sense of well-being;
  • Diminished cognitive function;
  • Decreased lean body mass with reduction in muscle mass, strength;
  • Decreased vigor and energy;
  • Increased visceral fat and fat mass;
  • Metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes mellitus;
  • Sleep disturbances;
  • Reduced virility;
  • Infertility;
  • Delayed puberty;
  • Increased sweating, dry skin, and anemia;
  • Decreased bone density resulting in osteoporosis.
What is the purpose of Testosterone Therapy?

The desired outcome of Testosterone Therapy in men with Hypogonadism is to improve or reverse the symptoms by restoring levels of testosterone to its normal healthy range respective to the age of the man. This is achieved by using bioidentical testosterone and avoiding extreme fluctuations. As always, the presence and supervision of an experienced licensed doctor is imperative to the success of the treatment.

If you are interested in safe Testosterone Therapy in Thailand, we can help. To schedule an appointment at our Demarest Clinic or speak to a specialist about the benefits of Nebido or safe Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), please contact us.


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The price is net and includes one (1) Nebido injection. It excludes the medical consultation.

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