Food Intolerance Test

Identify hidden food sensitivities and allergies


Food Intolerance Test

Certain foods can sometimes make you feel unwell and as we age sometimes the foods we used to love and enjoy can cause sudden unpleasant reactions, regardless of if they are healthy or not. Food sensitivity symptoms such as skin issues, headaches, digestive challenges or joint pain may be a result of the foods we consume.

These symptoms don't often present immediately after consuming the food. So, it can be a bit perplexing trying to identify the food responsible as the sensitivity reactions may not happen until a few hours or longer after you have eaten the food.

The Demarest Food Intolerance Test is designed to identify any hidden food sensitivities from over 200 everyday food items that may be the source of multiple possible health concerns. In contrast to other types of allergies, symptoms may be delayed and take from mere seconds to several days to manifest.

This test will not only inform you of the foods to avoid, but also the foods that are perfectly fine for you to consume. The most common food allergies are milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, crustacean shellfish and sesame.

Regardless of the outcome of the food sensitivity test, if you have already been diagnosed with a food allergy, such as to shellfish, you should continue to avoid that food. Even if you think you've outgrown a specific food allergy, our medical team does not recommend reintroducing that food on your own without the direct supervision of a qualified physician.

Please note that in some cases, if you normally consume a particular food daily/regularly, your Food Intolerance Test results may show that you should avoid the food (high antigen level due to high consumption). If you have questions or concerns regarding your test results, be sure to discuss them with the physicians at Demarest Clinic and not rely upon a Google search or WebMD to provide medically accurate answers.

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Food Intolerance Test

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