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The impact of micronutrients on the body's health are critical. Being found deficient in any one of them can lead to severe or even life-threatening conditions. Micronutrients are vital to your body in a variety of ways, including enabling the body to produce hormones, enzymes and more which are all needed in order to have normal growth, as well as normal physical and cognitive (brain power) development. The most common deficiencies are iron, vitamin A and iodine in children and pregnant women.

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These micronutrient deficiencies can not only lead to dangerous health issues but also to reductions in energy levels, increased “brain fog” and difficulty performing normal everyday tasks. The consequences of which can lead to poor academic performance, poor work productivity as well as increased risk in developing particular diseases and/or health conditions.

These deficiencies are preventable. Proper nutrition (balanced diet), nutrition education and micronutrient supplementation can make all the difference. In order to be certain where your body is deficient, too high, or normal further testing is imperative, however.

There are several ways to uncover micronutrient deficiencies, both invasive (blood draws) and non-invasive (oligoscan) and these are safely available at Demarest Clinic. Where a blood draw will provide you an exact figure as to where your body is in excess or deficient, an oligoscan will give you a range. The oligoscan is 100% completely non-invasive and will inform you the levels of vitamins, minerals and heavy metals in your body. It will even give you a good indication regarding your body's oxidative stress.

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